Hosting Infrastructure

Q. Where in Canada is your datacenter?
Our datacenter is located in Fredericton, NB

Q.What Tier is your datacenter facility?
Our facility is classified as Tier III

Q.What type of hardware do you use in your facility?
We use enterprise class HP Server and networking hardware, Meraki Routing equipment and enterprise class disk storage including SSD’s.

Q.Do you back up customer data?
Yes. All customer data is backed up multiple times per day to independent server hardware.

Q.Do you use SSD hard drives for customer data?
Yes. Virtually all of our Virtual Machines employ some SSD functionality. We allocate a % of each Virtual Machine to SSD disks. This allows for near-instant boot times and commonly accessed data sits in the SSD “cache” speeding up all-over performance. You can specify selected applications or databases on your Virtual Machine to be based exclusively in SSD disks.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Q.What type of servers are available?
We offer Microsoft and Linux VPS customized to your needs. Our customers can choose the exact specification they require. Sample server configurations are available here.

Q.As a customer, can I managemy Virtual Machines?
Yes. All of our customers have access to their exclusive self-service portal for management, maintenance, etc of all their machines.

Technical Support

Q.What type of support is available if I have any questions?
You can reach us in the following ways 24×7:

Q.Can you manage my hosted server for me as well?
Yes. We have a full support solution available for all of our customers.


Managed Services

Q.What are “Managed Services?”
Managed services are a contract-based support agreement. You would pay a monthly fee for an agreed upon level of service. This can be for remote support, on-site support or for just monitoring and ongoing maintenance. This allows you to more effectively budget for your IT support needs.

Q.What’s the benefit?
There are multiple benefits. You can know exactly what you’ll be paying monthly for I.T. support. Instead of hiring someone internally, you get great access to a team of people with years of experience across a broad depth of technologies. It’s quite a bargain. We also have tools and products that you can only effective leverage with scale. This gives you the benefits of “enterprise” support and monitoring without the cost.