Accounting/Payroll Software

AbacusThis type of software does not often make the headlines.

It’s not filled with the newest features and it’s generally not at the “bleeding edge” of technology – but have you ever tried running a business without Accounting or Payroll software?

We believe the right approach is to take solid Accounting software and Payroll software solutions and integrate them into existing business practices or other software soloutions.

We don’t design custom software but we do perform custom integration work. What does this mean?

We take a solid accounting software solution like that of Adagio by Softrak Systems in Vancouver or PayDirt Payroll software, also in Vancouver and integrate it and modify it’s functionality to get to a world-class solution. Here are some examples:

  • Setup custom EFT processing so all vendors can be paid electronically while they get a .pdf remittance advice sent by e-mail.
  • Setup custom processees so you can regularly “pull” pre-authorized dollar amounts from your customers.
  • Setup custom reporting to automatically “push” sales reports to each of your salespeople on a nightly basis.
  • Import employees Payroll time from a timeclock, thereby saving many hours of data-entry.
  • Pay all employees by Direct Deposit AND send their respective pay stubs as a secure e-mail message.