Ransomware: The old way simply isn’t good enough anymore.

It used to be that being “secure” meant you had a firewall and antivirus on all your computers. The landscape has changed and as hackers and criminals become more sophisticated, more energy must be spent keeping systems iStock_000089411999_Small - croppedsecure. The old way simply isn’t good enough anymore.

Ransomware has been the primary growing threat to organizations for the last few years. Ransomware is malicious software that criminals use to hold your files for ransom.

You can either prevent infection, recover from it, or pay real money to get your files back. We’ll look at a few ways people get infected and ways to prevent them. Read more

Why Windows updates are CRITICAL

My customers hear me say all that Windows updates are an extremely important piece of your network’s security.  If you are not doing regular windows updates, you are leaving your enUpdatesvironment open to all sorts of virus’ and hacks that may not otherwise be possible.

Some people hate seeing this image, because it may mean that you’re not doing work for the next ten minutes. But the alternative can be much worse



Let me show you an example. Read more