SpartanCloud Business Solutions

SpartanCloCloud imageud is a suite of solutions built on our datacenter infrastructure that enable our customers to move all or part of their business to the Cloud. We offer a variety of services from our secure datacenter in Atlantic Canada.

Our Canadian Cloud Solutions:Hosted_DR-300x297

Hosted Disaster Recovery
Your data never leaves Canadian soil and is stored on equipment owned by Spartan Systems. We have 24/7 access to our Servers – and therefore you do as well, whether it be for a single file restore or a Total System Recovery. Your data remains in Atlantic Canada in our secure data center.

Your backup process is managed by us from start to finish. It runs on our servers and is maintained by our staff giving us full control over the entire process. If there is a problem with your backup procedure, we take the initiative to resolve it immediately. We regularly test our clients backup data to ensure it can be recovered – if and when needed.


Cloud Server Hosting
Move your server to our Cloud and let us ensure it is maintained and backed up, leaving you to focus on your business.

Like our Hosted Disaster Recovery, all of our servers, and therefore all of our customer data is stored exclusively in Canada.   Read more…