A full technology solution for $10 per day

Are you looking for an all-inclusive technology solution for your company in Atlantic Canada? If so, this solution may be for you. We are pleased to offer an easy-to-use technology solution with no hidden fees.
Security of your information
  • all of your data is stored in Canadian Datacenters run on the Microsoft Azure network
  • meet compliance and data residency requirements such as ISO & PIPEDA. Keep your data in Canada!
  • Your data is continuously backed up and can be restored at any time
  • 2-Factor authentication is standard to safeguard access to your valuable data
Features for all employees
  • Enterprise-class email solution including a 50GB Microsoft Exchange Mailbox
  • We use Windows Virtual Desktop to run all of your applications “in the cloud” and get rid of any physical servers in your office. Clock here for more information on Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Microsoft Teams including the Teams Phone System for all calls – no more landlines!!
  • Full-featured access to the Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)
  • All IT support is included in this price.
Accessibility from anywhere
  • Securely access all of your applications and data from anywhere, office, home cottage or even on the road.
  • Rid your organization of complex IT Systems that aren’t responding to the way people need to work.
Flexibility always
  • You only pay for the active users at any given point in time. We don’t lock you into minimums per month. Just hired 5 more people. Perfect! We’ll have them setup in minutes and your bill will reflect the addition of more employees
  • Same thing if you need to temporarily reduce your staff due to seasonality, etc.
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