5 Ways To Make Sure You’re Browsing Safely At Work

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A lunchtime browsing session is a great way to blow off steam or get some personal errands done during your break. But what you do could endanger your company’s IT infrastructure if you’re not careful. Whether you’re working from the office or remotely follow these tips:

  • Ensure you have anti-virus software. It’s the best frontline defense again malware, viruses, and pop-ups.
  • As per your company’s IT policy only visit appropriate websites. Policies will include inappropriate sites such as porn, politically driven hate sites and chat rooms which are notorious for malware. 
  • Don’t download zip files. They often contain malicious code once opened up. It’s a Pandora’s box. If you must download a zip file, consult your IT person and they’ll download it into a safe spot.
  • If you get a pop-up indicating you have a virus do not call the number on the pop-up or initiate a chat session through the pop up no matter how legitimate it looks. 
  • When a Google search results turn up a suspicious URL, do not click!  Common sense prevails. Your anti-virus software should indicate whether the search results are valid or potentially malicious. Don’t click unless there is a check-mark.


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