June 12, 2020

Cyber Security

Spartan Cyber Security

Protect your critical Business Data with our Zero-Trust Solutions and Empower and Educate your employees in the fight against Cyber Security

Spartan Secure

Cyber Security Training

Train your employees so they can be the best line of defense in safeguarding your data. Did you know that Security Awareness Training results in employees being 84% less likely to click on a phishing attempt. 

Employee Security Score

As your employees progress through the simulation training plan, they are scored on their security awareness. Now your company can focus on additional training for employees with low scores. 

Cyber Security

2-factor authentication

Available 2-factor authentication for selected applications or your entire system. Ask us how you can implement some of the best-in-class security features to protect your critical business data. 

Security and Vulnerability Assessment

We can assess your current situation and make suggestions to improve your overall security. No one has a 100% perfect security plan but by working together we will get you in the best situation possible. We have access to the people, tools and resources needed. 

Security Assessment