Setting Up a new Outlook Profile – Windows 10

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Steps for Creating a new Mail profile in Microsoft Outlook using Windows 10

1. Close Microsoft Outlook if it is running

2. Launch the “Control Panel” by clicking the start button and typing “Control Panel” in the search bar

3. In the Control Panel, use the top right search field and type “mail”. This will display Microsoft Outlook (32-bit) or something similar. 

4. Once “Mail” is opened, click “show Profiles” to open the Outlook Profile properties

5. Inside the Profile properties click the Add button to begin creating a new Outlook Profile, following the steps below
a. Profile Name: Office365
b. Your Name: Enter your first and last name
c. Email Address: Enter your  email address
d. Password: Enter your email password. 

6. After it searches for your mail account it should bring up an Office365 sign in box, where it will again ask for your password. Enter it and click Sign In.

7. Once the password is successful it will say your account profile has been successfully created, on the Profile properties page click the drop-down menu for Always use this profile and select the new Office365 profile and click OK. This will then use the new Office365 profile when you launch Outlook.

8. You have now successfully created a new Outlook Profile. 

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